Geeks with forklifts.

Whether you have a dozen or a million items, Giggil can market and sell them across multiple marketplaces. We realized that the world of selling online had become complex and convoluted. It was flawed and left many users frustrated, confused or discouraged. Giggil decided that we were going to do more than just simplify the process, we were going to improve it. In May 2009, Giggil took our first strides towards improvement by creating an easy, green alternative to selling online.

We created a service that makes individuals and organizations more money and requires almost no work from them. We thought, instead of letting your items sit on a shelf, unloved and dusty, we would provide a service that allows you to reuse these old items. We make you money in the greenest way possible; by reusing what is already available to us. Reuse is better than recycling and it's one step towards a better world with less waste in landfills.

Instead of having your items bought from you at a low price, you can make more money by having Giggil sell them at a competitive price. It's a responsible way for you to help the environment and make money. We challenge users daily to take a new look at online selling, empowering those that are looking to change with a no-risk service that never requires an out-of-pocket expense. Our service puts money in your pocket instead of taking it out.

We pay for the shipping and handling of your items. Once they arrive, we go to work inspecting, taking inventory and marketing them across multiple markets. Users just sit back and monitor their account on their account dashboard and receive a check every month for their items that have sold. We make it easy so you have more time to enjoy what's important to you. Relax, Giggil does the hard work. We process and inspect thousands of items for sale online every day, consistently delivering on our promise of a greener world and healthier bottom line.