We do a lot of hard work behind the scenes to reduce the complexity of online selling. We commit to the fastest sale at the highest price without paying for anything out of pocket. Even a small percentage of your items can make a dramatic difference in your income.
Giggil's estimate tool does a live scan of the marketplace to determine how much your item will make if it sells. Our custom-built identification and inspection software calculates risk and net value, allowing you to make a fast and informed decision about the best place to make the most profit from your items.
Our account dashboard lets you see how much money you have generated by using Giggil. You can access real time reporting on your items 24 hours a day. View your items separated by shipment or look at your account as a whole. This is your instant access to see how much your items have sold for and to get the balance of your next check. You can check in to see how fees are applied to your account or see the current asking price for your open listings. [Coming Soon]
Every time you sell an item, you will receive a check. Checks are distributed on the 15th of each month for items that sold the previous month. Your statement includes detailed information about monthly sales and how Giggil fees are applied. We help users maximize their income by paying them when their items sell, this allows for users to even out their cash flow, as opposed to waiting once a year to hold an inventory sale you can now count on money throughout the year.
Customers feel comfortable buying used books, CDs, and DVDs, if they know what is used about them. Every item that passes through Giggil is inspected by our team of highly qualified and trained processors. Each item is inspected in great detail inside and out and given a detailed item description, noting imperfections such as scratches, tears, binding wear, and more, before the item leaves our hands.
Regardless if you are shipping a single box or a pallet, shipping is guaranteed free. Shipping is arranged per your connivence and can be picked up at your door. Large or small, Giggil will come to you. All you need is a box and we will take care of everything else. Some minimum shipment amounts apply.
Since Giggil's fees are paid from the sales of your items, there is no out-of-pocket expense to you. There is some risk that your items will not sell, but Giggil's estimate tool helps to alleviate much of that risk by only suggesting that you send the items most likely to be profitable to you.
While we don't expect you to have any problems, they do happen. That's why we want to remind you that Giggil is with you every step of the way. If you have any questions, comments or concerns at any step in the process please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone.
Our custom-built inspection and logistics software ensures the quickest sale at the highest price. For the course of one year, your items are priced and then constantly re-priced based on sales position and likelihood of sale. Your items are marketed so they will sell. It's how Giggil helps you get to the bank.
We believe the world will be a better place when there is less waste in landfills and more money in your pockets. Reusing goods may seem like an odd place to start, but the results speak for themselves. Reuse is more cost effective and wastes less energy than recycling. By using Giggil to sell online, it's a responsible way for you to make money.