How It Works


to have Giggil start selling your books and media!

Find the valuable items
Use our free, online value estimation tool to determine how much you will make when your item sells. You control what to send and how often
Shipping is free; all you need is a box
Place your items in a box and print a label directly from our site - you can even track separate shipments. We ship via US Mail, so you can schedule a pickup right from your front door.
We'll arrange the shipping
If you have thousands of books, we will save you the trouble of scanning and sorting them. Just contact us and we will arrange for shipping at our expense. Some geographic restrictions may apply.
Contact us!
We'll process them
We carefully inspect and track all your items, documenting their condition to determine value, and carefully packaging them for safe shipment.
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This is where the magic happens.
We start by finding the highest-value market for your items, even listing them on several websites at once. Items are priced and re-priced several times daily to ensure your they receive top dollar, but also stay in the best position to sell quickly. All items are stored in a state-of-the-art fulfillment center and shipped quickly to the buyer. Each item can be easily tracked back to its owner for accurate accounting. We handle all customer service in-house to ensure the highest levels of buyer satisfaction. Checks are issued monthly with fees applied according to our service agreement. View our pricing.
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You'll get checks every month.
In any month when your account balance exceeds $5.00, a check will be issued by the 15th of the following month. Your statement includes detailed information about monthly sales and how Giggil fees are applied.