15% of Sales Price
Success Fee
A commission of 15% of the item's final selling price, before shipping and handling fees have been paid.
75¢ per item
Everything Fee
The 75¢ processing fee covers inspection, labeling, marketing and storage for up to a year. This fee only applies to items we process for sale online.
All Shipping Charges
Whether you have a truckload or just a few boxes, Giggil pays all shipping costs from your door to our processing center.
All fees are paid from the sales of your items, so there is no out-of-pocket expense to you.
The fine print: If a item is returned, we issue a refund out of your account. But we also refund your fees and re-list the item. Item shipped from are assessed a 75¢ fee. Be sure to use our estimate tool to confirm your items are worth selling before shipping them to us. Please see our FAQ for questions about items that don't sell, monthly payments, and negative account balances.
Example 1:
Selling 1 Item
Inspection & Marketing Fee
This covers inspection, labeling, marketing and storage, and is applied to items that put for sale online.
Selling Price
This includes purchase price, shipping, tips and gratuities. Everything.
Marketplace & Fullfillment Fees
All fees charged to us for commission and fulfillment. These will vary based on the weight, size and price of the item.
Giggil Success Fee
Calculated as 15% of selling price
Your Profit: $3.46
Example 2:
Selling 150 Items
Inspection & Marketing Fee
Remember, this fee is applied to your account.
Selling Price
In this case, only 138 of your 150 items have sold so far. There is a chance that some items may not sell.
Marketplace & Fullfillment Fees
These fees may look high, but they cover all shipping, fulfillment and commissions
Giggil Success Fee
Calculated as 15% of selling price
Your Profit: $372.36