Our Team

Michael Cloran
Michael Cloran, CEO

Prior to Giggil, Michael has been a serial entrepreneur involved in three startups – Quant Trading, a wall street bond trading software firm sold to Thomson, EnterAct, an innovative internet service company sold to 21st Century Telecom, and Interactions which has raised $34M in venture capital to transform the way companies answer their phone.

Chip Maxwell
Chip Maxwell, VP Business Development

Chip has several years of experience in management, marketing, sales, and list making with category leaders Roche, Apple, Quest and the US Navy. But those companies were too big, so he came to Giggil to help change the world in a good way and have fun doing it. He also enjoys strong beer, writing on whiteboards and making sandwiches.

Kyle Shipley
Kyle Shipley, Lead Software Engineer

Kyle is the eccentric mastermind of Giggil's development efforts. He loves writing bios, as it presents a rare opportunity to refer to himself in the third person without the usual array of concerned stares. He recently moved back to Indianapolis from San Francisco, where he spent nearly two years at Castlight Health, a health care transparency startup. Kyle is a champion of lean methodologies, and strongly believes that YAGNI. He wakes up every day to the meowing and/or face-clawing of his two cats, formally known as Makoto Nagano the Kitty and Gilgamesh.

Chad Molenda
Chad Molenda, Software Engineer

Chad is one of two Chads at Giggil. He wears flipflops.

Tom Barnes
Tom Barnes, Operations Manager

Tom taught Junior High math and English in California for fourteen years before moving to Indiana in 2005 in pursuit of the good life. An enthusiastic problem solver, Tom joined Giggil at its very beginning. One of his titles around here is, "The Easter Bunny," for reasons which must remain mysterious. Today he lives in Noblesville with his wife, two daughters, and a couple of ferrets. He holds a BA in English and a minor in Computer Science from Cal Poly SLO.

Catherine St. Clair
Catherine St. Clair, Customer Support Manager

After living in Wisconsin, Washington, and Wyoming, Catherine moved to Indianapolis from Littleton, CO in 2009. Certified in Property Administration, Facilities Management and Dog Training, Catherine yearned for something new. She stumbled upon Giggil and has helped keep things fun ever since. Quick to adapt to change, Catherine is an integral part of Giggil's success. She maintains our 100% customer satisfaction rating with a smile. Catherine is the proud mother of two grown kids. She lives with her husband and 7 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Keisha. While she admits the atmosphere is very "Geeky" at times, she loves it and enjoys watching Giggil's books travel around the world to places like Australia and the Netherlands.

Josh Wakley
Josh Wakley, National Sales Account Manager

Josh is one of the earliest members of the Giggil team, and is the diesel engine behind much of our sales and logistics operation. Growing up on a small farm in Michigan, Josh learned the value of hard work that drove him to a business degree and the world of startups. When Josh isn't on the road for Giggil, he spends his Sundays cheering for the Colts' next Superbowl victory.