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Here is what some of our clients have to say about our remarkable service:

"Giggil is fantastic. I still can't get over how quick and easy the whole process was. They were friendly, arrived on time, came well-prepared, and, yes, helped us raise a lot of money we otherwise would not have raised, with minimal effort on our part. We usually start with close to 1,000,000 books, so for a small company like them to handle all that was really impressive. But what I liked most about Giggil was how they seemed to really care about us and our success. You just don't see that enough anymore. Giggil is good company, with good people, and I'm proud to have them as partners and friends. We've expanded our relationship with them this year and will be engaging their services right from the start of our collection process. I look forward to working with them for many years to come."
       Andria Brumwell, Executive Director, Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary

"Giggil was easy to work with, responded quickly to any and all questions and concerns, and worked very hard to make the project work well for the Friends and the Library. The end result was the prospect of quite possibly doubling the profit from the spring book sale. Giggil worked with us literally from start to finish, from before the sale all the way to recycling whatever wasn't worth trying to sell. Without hesitation, I can say that Giggil has more than earned our enthusiastic endorsement."
       Wendy Phillips, Director, Carmel-Clay Public Library

"Giggil came and did most of the work for us. They came, scanned the books, helped move them to the location, and then came after our sale was over and took all of them away. It was nice to make some extra money after our sale was initially done. It is still coming in. It definitely saved us the back breaking effort and finding volunteers to move all of these books and the guys that came out were very nice and a pleasure to work with. We would recommend Giggil to others for the added money to any fundraiser. Also it was easy and we did not have to find an alternative location for the books left over."
       Yvonne Wilson, Belleville East Band, Swansea, IL

"When we were liquidating our stock to move, the easiest part of the process was working with Giggil. We liked everything about working with Giggil. The guys are great and very easy to work with. They are always available to answer any questions I have. The statements are easy to understand and I love getting a check every month for all of their hard work. Giggil was able to reach a market that we don't have access to. Books that sat on our shelves for months sold right away. It is the best way to sell the books that don't sell in our small bookstore without having to sell them online ourselves."
       Leigh Alexander, Owner, Word for Word Bookstore

"They handled everything... pickup and ultimate disposal with a revenue stream for our fundraising efforts. They are easy to deal with... they do what they say they will do... the relationship provides our non-profit with an additional revenue stream that we did not have before... We would recommend Giggil to everyone... they are easy to deal with... know what they are doing and follow through on commitments. Our volunteer committee was delighted to deal with Giggil... it saved them a lot of work at the end of the book sale."
       Bill Mrozowski, Office Business Manager at St. Thomas More University Parish, Indiana, PA

"The Friends of Alamance Co. Public Libraries used Giggil to dispose of the 20,000+ books at the end of our very successful semi-annual sale. Giggil was attentive and professional in setting up the process. We were especially pleased to clear our space within one day. Being paid for the sale of some of these books is a plus to us! We were also glad that unsellable books will be recycled. Your company was very responsive to the many questions our Book Sale Committee had about the procedures. Providing us with boxes and strong backs for loading was a big help! We might have sold some books to local dealers for an equivalent amount of money, but the time involved in doing this would have been burdensome for our volunteers. We’ve already recommended Giggil to others! Giggil was an efficient way for our group of volunteers to clear out our book sale space in a timely and efficient manner. Most individual dealers cannot handle the large number of books quickly, if at all. Thank you for your guidance and patience with our group. I got a standing ovation at our board meeting on Monday when I announced the amount of Giggil's check for November!"
       Barbara Roberts, Book Sale Committee, Friends of Alamance Co. Public Libraries, Burlington, NC

"They arrived promptly to pick up our books, which we viewed as a positive as this was our first experience. Since then we have received prompt attention to any requests we made. We are making more money instead of donating our books to others after our sale. So far our experience has been positive and in fact we have recommended you to several others. WE LOOK FORWARD TO A CONTINUING RELATIONSHIP."
       Sally Kobus, Public Library for Union County, Board Member and Booksale Chairperson, Lewisburg, PA

"I would recommend Giggil to others if they are looking for a company that is easy to work with and helpful in dealing with large quantities of books. As a nonprofit, we are able to more efficiently process the books that we cannot use in our programs, and generate funds that can help support our educational programs."
       Rachel Lewis, Director, International Book Project

"Giggil is an outstanding source for book people, a socially conscious and fair trade company, and a library's best friend."
       Loretta Walker, Owner of Works Cited Book Store and librarian at Marion Public Library

"Giggil removed the unknown of "What do we do with books leftover from our sale?" We received money for books we would have just put in the recycle bin, as other ways of disposal are no longer available in our area. We would absolutely recommend Giggil to other organizations. From the first email, all employees were professional, responsive and friendly. Our leftover books were picked up in a timely manner and each month a statement with a check arrives and is distributed to our charities. This money would have been lost without Giggil. This past year we had over 10,000 books leftover/unsold after only 6 weeks of collecting and 4 days of sales. All workers are volunteers and all the money made is donated. Without Giggil we may not continue having our Book Sale and that would be very sad for our charities."
       Susan Norris, Co-Chair Book Sale, AAUW Valley Forge

"Giggil took all the books we did not sell and placed them on the Internet for sales after the fact. They were professional to work with and we did not have to recycle, store, or dispose of any unsold books. We were educated on the types of books that are attractive to the community - used books that we would not have considered for sale, such as text books. We will consider using their services in the future with any other book sales."
       Nancy Breault, Circulation Manager, Syracuse Post-Standard Newspaper

"I very much like the value that we're able to glean from the books that we provide to Giggil. I also like that they are focused on building their business in collaboration with their clients. I have most enjoyed working with the Giggil staff as we begin to develop strategies for how our organization can most benefit from the partnership. They seem to love what they do, which makes working with them that much more enjoyable."
       Jason King, President, Turning the Page

"Disposing of our book sale leftovers has been an ongoing headache. We've tried multiple companies over the years, but now we've found Giggil we plan on being long-term customers. They have been very friendly, flexible, and--to our surprise--financially lucrative, an amazing plus for a constantly-struggling public library. Instead of paying someone to take our books, they pay us! Trading headaches for a monthly check--what a deal. We've been thrilled with Giggil and encourage anyone with large quantities of books to check them out!"
       Hilary Caws-Elwitt, Public Services Librarian, Susquehanna Public Library, Montrose, PA

"With each check that arrives the book sale committee becomes more enthusiastic about our relationship with Giggil. With our library taking a 31% cut in state funding over the last two years every dollar counts."
       Sally Kobus, The Public Library for Union County

Buyer Feedback
  • "The used books offered by "giggil" always arrived in very good condition. It's really a pleasure to make deal with reliable dealer as giggil. Green is Good!"
    J.W. 10/21/10
  • "This is the only seller who has ever e-mailed me to keep me up to date on my order. Everything went smoothly, better than anticipated and I am delighted to give Giggil the best rating! Thank you Giggil."
    D.K., 09/24/10
  • "I was so excited to find this book at such a great price, as an added bonus, I got to do something good in the process- reuse and recycle! The delivery was fast and the book was in good condition - just as described. After reading about Giggil, I look forward to purchasing from them again - what a great concept! Highly recommended.""
    A, 09/24/10
  • "I have been trying to get this book for 15 years,I arrived so much quicker than was expected,which I was extremely happy about.The condition on the book is fantastic and I am very pleased with the whole transaction I would definatly use this seller agagin in the future!"
    C.M. 09/14/10
  • "Seller has excellent customer service and assisted me QUICK about an issue I had with a book. And it arrived lightning fast!"
    D.T 09/13/10
  • "My book was carefully packed, was in excellent condition, and arrived much faster than estimated. I would definitely buy from this vendor again!"
    Alice C.
  • "sorry it took me so long to reply - I was in the hospital when the books came and was home a few days before I discovered they were here! My daughter in law said "those are used books? They look new! - and they do look like new!"
  • "Everything arrived on time and in very good condition (better than advertised and expected). I would recommend this seller to others."
    Beata K.
  • "I was extremely pleased with the condition of my hard cover texts and they arrived on time as promised. I couldn't believe they were considered used. I would certainly purchase from this seller again."
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    Linda L.
  • "Books were here in less than 2 days. Defenitly a great vendor. Will be sure to order from them again"
  • "Exceeded my expectations, book looked brand new. Thank you Giggil"
    Marla M.
  • "This seller clearly wants buyers to have a good experience with them and they are really doing a great job.The book was in even better condition than was posted online as if it had never been opened. It arrived shortly after I ordered it."
    Caitlin M.
  • "I've purchased numerous books from this seller in the past and present and have been very happy and pleased with each transaction. Highly recommended!!! Thank you...=)"
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  • "Received product in less time than anticipated. Condition was exactly as described. Thank you giggil, will definitely order again and suggest!!!"
    Michelle R.
  • "Excellent. Prompt fulfillment. Product met all expectations. Highly recommend this Amazon product provider."
  • "Couldn't ask for more. It was there when I was told it would be there. We couldn't find the book in any bookstore (out of print) and were thrilled to get it used. (Although it looked brand new.) Thank you again."
    Dorothy W.
  • "Efficient, Courteous, and Expedient Shipper! A real asset to Amazon."
  • "Super great service: Order arrived within 3 days of its placement. Books' condition as good as or better than advertised by seller. These are great people and deserve your business; they will earn it. Buy from them!!!"
  • "Book arrived on time and in great condition. Would definitely deal with Giggil again!!"
  • "Excellent service, will not hesitate to purchase from this seller again!"
  • "transaction went smoothly:) The item arrived sooner than stated, and in excellent condition."
    Izabela R.
  • "Everything went exactly as planned, great shipping time and the book was just as described. I would be confident to purchase again from this seller."
  • "I had an excellent buying experience with giggil. The book I ordered came right on time (which was critical as I needed it for a graduate class), it was in tip-top condition (which I also appreciated). Given the opportunity I would not hesitate to order from them again, nor would I hesitate to recommend them. Thank you."
    Mindy A.
  • "Excellent. Delivered product on time and in condition stated. Followed up after delivery regarding my satisfaction. Will definitely do business with these folks again."
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    Joe P.
  • "Item arrived very quickly and in great condition. So great to reuse books for a fair price!"
    Alexandra C.
  • "The turn around time from date of ordering to actually receiving them was great. I accidently bought two of the same title, but at the condition of the books and prompt service, I have given the other as a gift rather than returning. Great customer service!!!!"
    Dru R.
  • "Book arrived when I expected it to and was just as described. Good service"
  • "Book came better than described."
  • "Exactly as advertised. No surprises, just good service."
    daniel h.
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    Pam C.
  • "Books ordered 09/03 and received 09/08 in excellent condition. Thank you for your quick turn around and your e-mail to let me know they had been shipped."
    Noreen L.
  • "Grandma always said that nobody notices the maid till she doesn't show up. The seller was transparent, invisible even. I placed my order and in two days it was here and just as described."
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    Vladimir G.
  • "I was so impressed I decided to do a little online research about the seller. Green is Good (aka Giggil) is, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air - maybe even bordering on inspirational."
    Katherine K.
  • "This seller contacted me before my order even arrived to explain how much they valued my business and in the event there were any problems to please contact them. Not a lot of sellers on amazon do that or go out of their way for their customers like that. The books arrived way ahead of schedule and were in good condition."
    Ashley N.